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Life is a journey, but also a challenge.

MosRepel is always a partner with you, cares your comfort and health for every moment. 

Our Idea

There are approximately over million people suffer from mosquito borne diseases every year. MosRepel concerns your comfort and health, and we believe there is always a solution. 

MosRepel is not an insect killer. We respect nature and the great of the world. We are making harmony between human and nature. We take care of the environment and the well-being of the world at the same time. 


Natural Active Ingredients

Citronella is a substance which is extracted from grasses in the Cymbopogon family.

Citronella has a lemony type of smell that many insects will avoid. Citronella is used in various products as an insect repellent for both humans or for their pets. As a natural substance, Citronella will not generally cause you any problems. When you use Citronella product, this repellent will not kill insects. Its fragrance simply covers your body's smell and, in return, avoids insects' identification for a period of time. Given that citronella is a natural plant extract, many people prefer it as an insect repellent nowadays instead of using chemical solutions. It is harmless to people and even to the environment. 

Geraniol is a kind of a biodegradable ingredient which is safe to use and environment, because it has no known toxic to humans, animals and wildlife. Geraniol has a relatively high vapor pressure and gives off a dilute vapor into the air stream which acts as an area repellent.