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Frequently Asked Question


Is MosRepel repellent safe for use? 

MosRepel repellent does not contain DEET or any other pesticides. It is made by citronella oil / geraniol oil. This active ingredient is considered to be GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) by the EPA included in exempt product listings. Products comprised of these active ingredients and inert ingredients taken from the EPA Exempt List (FIFRA) are considered safe for public use. This is particularly important when considering how to protect children from mosquitoes.

Is MosRepel repellent safe for children? 

MosRepel repellent also designed and formulated to protect children. If being placed in the mouth, there is no liquid chemical being emitted or to ingested. For infants, we recommend that MosRepel repellent to be attached to strollers or carriages, out of their reach.

Is MosRepel repellent safe for pregnancy/ expectant mother?

Sorry that we do not have the research about this, so we do suggest the expectant mother to get advice from doctor before using this kind of product.

How does MosRepel bracelet work? 

With our advance technology, the natural essences are encapsulated into environmental friendly material. The scent will vapor out from the products slowly and steadily for 180 hours!

Also, MosRepel bracelet has been tested by University and proved the effectiveness of repelling mosquitoes can be up to 180 hours after exposed to the air. If it is used for less than 180 hours, place it in a re-sealable plastic bag for later use. 

Does MosRepel work for me?

For 99% users, MosRepel does work! It has been scientifically tested by University and proved. However, it may not work for some people due to certain body’s chemistry and other overpowering smells, such as perfume. The strong smell will cover the citronella / geraniol fragrance and, therefore, mosquito would bite them.