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Quality and Safety

We emphasise on the quality and safety of products. All of our products are designed and manufactured to be safe for consumers' intended use.

Over 20 years' development, MosRepel has achieved extensive recognition by the industry and legitimate laboratories. Every item is honoured to comply with international standards. 

EU Safety Standard

MosRepel bracelet and sachet passed the standard of CE and EN71. It represents that the product complies with the essential requirements and is also eligible to sell in the market freely.


Although DEET is common active ingredient as repellent, it causes harmful effect to human health and ecosystem. 

The Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) highlights that the use of DEET may cause skin irritation, disorientation, dizziness and, in extreme cases, seizures or death. 

Also, the US EPA shows DEET is slightly "toxic" to birds, fishes and aquatic invertebrates. Since DEET is non-dissoluble in water, after human usage, it will been found in waste water which will move to stream, river and even ocean. 

That's why MosRepel uses natural ingredient extracts without DEET and provides you the healthiest solution against mosquito!


MosRepel has been tested by University. It showed the effectiveness of repelling mosquitoes can be up to 180 hours after exposed to the air.